Opster for Companies Self-Hosting Elasticsearch / OpenSearch

When running self-hosted, you need to take care of: orchestration, provisioning, incident prevention & resolution, data structuring, performance & stability optimization and cost reduction. 

With Opster, all of the above is taken care of. No more fire fighting incidents, sky-high hardware costs and suffering from slow performance. 

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Opster is the perfect fit for companies running self-hosted

See what you get with Opster when:

Running Self-hosted
Running Self-hosted with opster
Support is only available through external companies that are not connected to your system, resulting in time-consuming, manual processes.
Hands-on support that takes charge of your search operation, including:
  • Proactive support - Opster's support team constantly monitors, prevents and resolves issues in your cluster.
  • Cluster design & capacity planning
  • Optimizing mapping
  • Data modeling
  • Version upgrades
  • High availability & data recovery
  • Support all Elasticsearch/OpenSearch versions
  • Support for issues related to infrastructure
Your team is responsible for managing the data structure, optimizing performance, resolving issues, managing automations and more.
Opster AutoOps provides:
  • Incident prevention
  • Incident resolution
  • Data & shard structuring
  • Improving templates & mapping
  • Optimizing configurations
  • Cost monitoring & optimizations
  • Automatic performance optimizations
Infrastructure Management
Your team responsible for infrastructure management: provisioning, scaling resources, configuring nodes roles, etc’.
Opster Management Console provides:
  • Orchestration & Management
  • Spinning up new clusters
  • Scaling resources
  • Deploying multiple clusters
  • Upgrade versions automatically
  • Managing certificates

Constant performance optimization and incident resolution

Opster will take the operational load off your team. You’ll benefit from improved performance, increased security, reduced costs and proactive support from a team of experts. 

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Enabling blazing fast search results

The AutoOps platform can perform advanced optimizations such as: shard rebalancing, blocking heavy searches, optimizing templates and more. These optimizations will ensure that your cluster will operate at peak performance and maximum resiliency.

Proactively preventing incidents - say goodbye to downtime

Opster AutoOps alerts you in advance before incidents and issues develop and resolves them, either automatically or with actionable recommendations.

The world’s top experts are now on your team

When running self-hosted you’re faced with many choices and decisions. Thanks to Opster’s proactive support, you can speed through crucial design and operation decisions, avoiding pivotal mistakes and optimizing performance.

Save money on your hardware

By optimizing mapping, stabilizing operations and improving resource utilization, Opster’s AutoOps platform allows customers to significantly downsize the needed hardware for their deployment.

What’s included

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Diagnosing & fixing

AutoOps pinpoints the root causes of issues and provides methods for resolution.

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Improving performance

The AutoOps Operator performs shard rebalancing, blocking of heavy searches, optimizing mapping and more to improve performance.

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Reducing costs

Opster’s cost reduction tools allow for downsizing of the necessary hardware and improving overall resource utilization.

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End-to-end support

Opster’s expert support team monitors the cluster, conducts periodic reviews and is available 24/7 on a private Slack channel.

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