Improve Search Performance with Opster's Search Log Analyzer

The free Elasticsearch & OpenSearch Search Log Analyzer detects slow queries and provides recommendations on how to optimize them.

Analyze your slow logs in 2 minutes

The Search Log Analyzer analyzes Elasticsearch & OpenSearch slow logs files to pinpoint slow and heavy searches, provide visibility into search “took” time and amount of searches, and Customized instructions on why queries were slow and how to optimize searches

Free tool trusted and valued by the community

Thousands of engineers use Opster’s Search Log Analyzer to improve their search performance and ensure their systems are optimized.

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Improve search performance with Search Gateway

Opster's Search Log Analyzer is based on a single snapshot of search history. Opster's analyzes and improves search performance in real-time and can prevent harmful searches from negatively impacting entire clusters.

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Our products are loved by over 20,000 users from the community. Thank you to our customers from all around the world!
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