Opster for Multi-Tenancy Elasticsearch & OpenSearch Deployments

Multi-tenancy deployments come with many difficult and unique challenges, such as noisy neighbors, unbalanced load & hotspots, handling many shards & indices and more.

With Opster’s solutions you can avoid these challenges and keep
your multi-tenant customers happy.
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Resolve noisy neighbor indexing bursts

Detect & resolve indexing bursts causing noisy neighbor issues by using Opster AutoOps.

Pinpoint heavy queries

Accurately pinpoint & prevent tenants from running heavy queries using Opster’s Search Gateway for search optimization.

Prevent hotspots and reduce metadata

Optimize shard count and sizes to avoid hotspots and reduce metadata by using Opster’s on-prem Operator.

Data recovery for all tenants

By optimizing mapping, stabilizing operations and improving resource utilization, Opster’s cost reduction tools allow customers to downsize the needed hardware for their deployment and save money.

What’s included

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Diagnosing & fixing

AutoOps pinpoints the root causes of issues and provides methods for resolution.

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Improving performance

The AutoOps Operator performs shard rebalancing, blocking heavy searches, optimizing mapping and more to improve performance.

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Reducing costs

Opster’s cost reduction tools allow for downsizing of the necessary hardware and improving overall resource utilization.

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End-to-end support

Opster’s expert support team monitors the cluster, conducts periodic reviews and is available 24/7 on a private Slack channel.

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