Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in AutoOps for those running Elasticsearch self-hosted?

Opster is perfect for those who are self-hosting their Elasticsearch and want an end-to-end solution for their deployment. An Opster AutoOps subscription takes care of your database administration from start to finish.

AutoOps covers both the infrastructure & application layers of Elasticsearch/OpenSearch management, providing you with constant optimization of your clusters and 24/7 proactive support.

With the platform and our expert support team you’ll optimize search performance, guarantee high availability, automate maintenance and ensure peak performance, both for on-prem and cloud deployments.

Can I work with Opster in addition to a managed service?

Yes, we have customers who prefer to work with Opster on top of managed services.

Don’t be shy talk to our solutions engineer to see if we fit your needs. Ask here.

What's included in the support services?
  • Hands-on support for any problem with your Elasticsearch/OpenSearch deployment.
  • Proactive support that is driven by the AutoOps platform with its advanced capabilities to pinpoint and resolve issues.
  • Professional services to enure all your needs are covered, including cluster design, optimizing mapping, data modeling, capacity planning, version upgrades and more.
  • 24/7/365 support availability. Dedicated Slack/Teams channel and meetings with Opster’s expert team.
Is Opster AutoOps a monitoring tool?

No. An AutoOps does provide advanced ES monitoring but its strength is its ability to detect, prevent and resolve Elasticsearch issues. Opster AutoOps platform can take action on your cluster to handle issues or provide actionable instructions to resolve them. 

An AutoOps subscription with support includes professional services, 24/7 support and proactive maintenance by our elite ES experts to ensure peak performance in Elasticsearch.

Does Opster support Elasticsearch & OpenSearch?

Opster supports both! Whether you’re running an Elasticsearch deployment, OpenSearch deployment, or working with a combination of both, Opster’s products and services will cover both the data layer and infrastructure layer of your operation.

Does Opster support all Elasticsearch & OpenSearch versions?

Yes! Opster supports Elasticsearch/OpenSearch on-prem, cloud providers and/or managed services. No matter how you’re running your Elasticsearch or OpenSearch, you can benefit from Opster’s solutions and services. You can book a demo here to see how AutoOps would work with your deployment.

Do you offer professional services/consulting?

Yes, we do. We have different packages, including those that include professional services.

Will the Search Gateway prevent heavy searches or just detect them?

You can use the Search Gateway in multiple ways. It can be used solely for detection, but its power lies in its ability to prevent heavy searches from breaking your cluster. Read more.

How does Opster connect to my Elasticsearch/OpenSearch?

The AutoOps platform connects to Elasticsearch using Metricbeat, pulling machine metrics and stats only.

Our other tools that constantly perform optimizations on your cluster are on-premise tools like the Search Gateway 

What are your privacy and security credentials?

Opster is SOC-2 certified and GDPR compliant. We take your privacy and security seriously, keep your data safe and secure and follow all of the advanced protection guidelines. Opster cloud solutions only collect metrics and stats and no sensitive information.

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