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The free Opster Management Console (OMC) makes it easy to orchestrate, manage and monitor Elasticsearch on any Kubernetes environment.
It eliminates operational overhead by automating key administration tasks.

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Easily deploy and orchestrate your search deployment while self-hosted

Using the OMC you can deploy multiple clusters, configure node roles, scale cluster resources, manage certificates and more – all from a single interface, for free.

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Orchestration and management capabilities like managed services

OMC provides the orchestration and management capabilities offered by managed services, for free.

Easily run on any Kubernetes environment, on cloud or on-premise

Whether you’re managing your own Kubernetes cluster or going the hosted route, you can deploy the Opster Management Console and benefit from its abilities on all cloud environments.

Use the OMC with AutoOps

To manage all of your Elasticsearch needs, you can use the free Opster Management Console along with Opster AutoOps and benefit from improved performance, stability and reduced hardware costs.

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Included features

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Manage & orchestrate

Deploy and manage multiple clusters, configure node roles, perform rolling restarts and more – all from a single interface.

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Monitor resources & cost

Opster’s cost reduction tools allow for downsizing of the necessary hardware and improving overall resource utilization.

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Prevent & resolve issues

Pinpoint the root causes of issues and receive recommendations for resolution and prevention.

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Advanced security

Secured installation features and auto-generated certificates. Autoscale based on the workload running in the cluster.

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Optimize slow queries

Identify slow & heavy searches and improve search performance.

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Backup & version management

Automatic backups and version upgrades carried out automatically.

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Template Optimizer

Analyze templates and improve configuration and performance.

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Autoscaling (coming soon)

Scale-up when the nodes are too loaded, and scale back down when the peak has passed.

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