Opster’s OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator – New Features!

Opster’s OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator – New Features!

Opster’s OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator, licensed Apache V2, simplifies spinning up and scaling clusters, optimizing configuration, upgrading versions, security and more. Whether you’re managing your own K8s cluster or going the hosted route, you can deploy the OpenSearch Operator and benefit from its abilities on all cloud environments.

In addition to the many existing features, the Operator has recently gained two new features – the Snapshot Manager and Monitoring for OpenSearch environments. 

Operator Snapshot Manager

The Snapshot Manager is an extremely useful feature that allows users to define snapshot repositories with very simple definitions in the CRD of their OpenSearch cluster. This enables users to centrally configure roles and permissions for the backend cloud, and a scheduled job will be triggered each time a new snapshot is configured or existing snapshot settings are changed.

This feature also spares users the time and effort of having to work with the OS API or Kibana in order to configure and manage snapshots. Furthermore, it is compatible with all OS versions, making it highly convenient to use.

Operator Monitoring 

The new monitoring feature provides built-in monitoring for OpenSearch environments. The monitoring stack is provided out-of-the-box by Aiven Prometheus exporter plugin for OS and is also compatible with all OS versions.

The benefits of using this feature are immense. Firstly, compared to regular installations, users can now easily set up a monitoring stack that is up-to-date with the latest metrics and visualizations. Secondly, the Grafana dashboard provided with this feature is highly customizable and allows users to generate metrics based on their specific requirements and use cases. In addition to the Grafana dashboard, the Aiven plugin also includes a set of PrometheusRules to help manage OpenSearch clusters in real-time.

In other words, with one simple action you can install the full monitoring bundle for every OpenSearch cluster that is managed by the Operator.

Overall, the new features added to the OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator are extremely useful for users who want to make their OpenSearch management as efficient and convenient as possible. Both new features provide users with a great deal of control over their data and allow them to configure and manage their clusters with ease and accuracy.

To get started with the Operator, click here.

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